7: Settings (“Customize”)

How to use the “Customize” options to modify several key aspects of site and brand identify.

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There are a couple small branding considerations that are done within the Customize panel. I don’t think you will use this much, but it’s good to remember its there for when you do need it.
First off, where is this located?
If you are in the Dashboard, you can navigate to Appearance > Customize:
Or, if you are logged in and viewing the front-end of the site, you can select Customize from the top menu:
Either way, you will be taken to the Customize screen:
The parts here that I expect will be most relevant, if any, are:


The colours set here are used throughout the site in various ways. If the brand identity changes, you can try setting these colours to new values and see what happens. Though you may also need a web developer like myself to edit some aspects of the code to ensure full synchronicity.
For your reference or in case you overwrite colours without having backups, the current values are:

Breakthrough Pro Settings > Hero Section Settings

Here, you can edit the ‘tagline’ at the top of the homepage, as well as the button text and link right below it.
Note: You can also do this by just clicking on the blue pencil icons next to the text itself!

Breakthrough Pro Settings > Image Settings

Here, you can replace the image at the top of the home page, as well as the default ‘hero’ image for posts/pages when one isn’t manually set and the image that appears near the bottom of the site:
And that’s quite possibly all you’ll need the Customize section for if you need at all. Here’s another way of looking at it: if you find you have a bunch of great new photos on hand and you want to ‘refresh’ the website, you can try swapping out some of these images for some new ones. It may take some trial and error to find ones that crop nicely to fit the site, so try and use ones with similar characteristics: focal point(s) in the approximate middle of the image; mid-to-longer range distance; abstract or pattern images work well (since you’re less worried about cropping out people’s faces, etc.)


When you’re done making changes, make sure to hit Publish to take them live:
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