6: Footer

How to modify the content in your site’s footer (the section(s) at the bottom of every page).

Video Tutorial

Here, we’ll look at how to edit the Footer. First, let’s be clear what I’m referring to. The section we’ll edit is this one:

Where we want to go to edit this is, from the main Dashboard, Appearance > Widgets, because all of these pieces of content are widgets, automatically arranging themselves as columns inside a ‘widget area’ (the footer section):

Find the Footer widget area and use the arrow icon to expand it:

From here, you can use the arrow icons to expand whichever widget you want to edit, make your edits, and click Save:

The newsletter widget is the only one of these that is not very user friendly to edit, so I would just contact a WordPress developer if your newsletter situation changes (e.g. you move from MailChimp to Constant Contact or something like that). Everything else, though, is very easy to make tweaks to and update.

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