5: Menus (Navigation)

How to update the menus on your site.

Video Tutorial

Let’s see how to add, remove or move items in your menu. From the Dashboard, go to Appearance > Menus:
Here is where you can edit the Menus on your site. As of this writing, there are actually two in use, though one is certainly more prominent than the other. They are the Header Menu...
...and the Footer Menu:
The social icons up top are managed independently, so we’ll explain how to edit those at the end of this section:
Now, for editing the menus. Make sure the one you want to edit is selected:
Here are all the elements in your menu:
Want to just edit the menu by rearranging it? You can drag and drop these elements into any order you want. Notice how some items are indented from others? That makes them dropdown elements beneath their ‘parent’ menu item:
Need to delete something from the menu? Just click the little arrow on the right and you’ll be able to Remove it:
Need to add something new to the menu? Along the left are numerous tabs of all the types of content you can add. And then, within those, you may get additional tabs (Most Recent, View All...):
Check the item(s) you want to add and click Add to Menu. They should appear at its bottom. Then it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping them into the spot you want and then, make sure to hit Save Menu:

Social Icons

These are editable under Appearance > Widgets:
From here, find the Widget Area called Nav Social Menu, click the arrow to open it, click the arrow to expand Simple Social Icons, and then simply fill in links to whatever social accounts you want to appear. If you don’t see the one you want, it’s simply unavailable until/unless the Simple Social Icons release an update. (Sorry, TikTok.)
When you’re done, just make sure the widget is Saved:
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